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Our team, our family

Why work for our nursing agencies?

Our team are so important to us — we like to look after each of our team members — happy team members make for happy residents and patients! We provide around the clock support and onsite visits to ensure you have everything you need to undertake your shift and provide amazing care.

Working for our agency gives you lifestyle choices and flexibility — you can work when and where you like, broadening your skills and experience.


As a casual agency nurse you can make yourself available for work on the days and times you want to work - working with our agencies allows you the freedom to manage your lifestyle and provides flexibility to work around your partners employment, children's childcare and school arrangements, and also study, sporting and other commitments.

Agency nurses fill a great need within the healthcare sector and provide efficient bridging for the various facilities when demand is highest. We often have a range of facilities requesting our services and you can choose facilities and shifts that suit your expertise and lifestyle.

Pay rates

Our pay rates are above award, reflecting the professional skills required by our nurses to adapt to new environments on a regular basis. Regardless of where you work on any shift your pay is consistent and payroll taken care of for you. Penalty rates apply in line with the prescribed percentages in the award for afterhours and weekend work.


We ensure that our nurses are up to date with our mandatory training requirements, including manual handling and infection control, counting towards the CPD requirements for RNs and ENs. These training sessions are provided to our staff on a regular basis along with other training packages.

Support & Care

We value the services our team provide and in line with nursing shifts we are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist you in the case of emergency or issues. You will always get a familiar voice at the end of our phone!

Our team like working for us and often refer colleagues and friends to also work for our agencies. Often nurses who have previously worked for us will return time and time again! We are here to assist you and value feedback and suggestions relating to our service.

How do we receive shifts?

When you register with us you let us know the best contact details for you and register your availability with us on a regular basis. If your availability changes, simple - just call us and let us know!

When a shift comes through that matches your designation and availability we will contact you to let you know and get you to confirm your agreement to undertake the shift.

Apply to join us

Are you looking for a job that will suit your needs and provide the flexibility for your other commitments? Do you want to work with a team of sought after professionals and an employer of choice?

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